I don't have a partner, is this a problem?

You do not need a partner to register, however we do try to maintain a balanced ratio of male and female students in each class when registering individuals. We can not guarantee that every student will attend every class in a course, so occasionally there may be a slight gender ratio imbalance.

Will I be paired up with the same partner for the duration of the course?

Absolutely not. We encourage people to change partners several times during each class. This has at least two significant benefits: The man will learn how to deliver a strong lead and the lady will learn how to follow such a lead. Dance is after all, a social activity.

How many people register with or without a partner?

Up to one-half of the students in each course register without a partner.

I DO have a partner, and we don’t want to change partners ever, is this a problem?

Not at all! At Alberta Dancesport, we understand that some of you enjoy taking the class with your significant other. We strongly encourage switching partners for learning benefits, and the social aspect, but if you choose to stay together, that’s alright….as long as your partner doesn’t mind!

What is the ratio of males/females that register?

Although we strive to evenly balance the number of males/females in each class, occasionally there is an imbalance. When this happens, we invite students from other classes to attend the class that requires them. We cannot guarantee that you will have a partner at all times during every class, as it is impossible to predetermine who will actually be in attendance during each class.

What does the schedule mean by “Professional Instructor”?

The instructors of Alberta Dancesport are professionals — they do what they teach for a living, this is their chosen career. Our instructors have competed professionally at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Their breadth and depth of experience is the result of many years of training and competition. These are highly skilled, effective instructors with well developed communication skills. We do not hire amateur instructors that are sometimes only a few lessons ahead of their students.

I am completely uncoordinated, is there a kindergarten class?

The Beginner Level Classes are designed for people who have absolutely no dance or music training. Anyone can learn to dance. If you can walk and keep your balance, you can learn to dance.

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothing, business casual seems to be the norm. Leather soled shoes can make a significant difference even for a beginner. Rubber soled shoes (or other shoes with good traction) will tend to stick to the hardwood floor. While this is good for most indoor sports, it does not help you when learning to dance.

What if I cannot attend some of the classes?

Dance training must be consistent to be effective. The curriculum is planned to allow the students to progress through the succession of classes into an increasingly more challenging level of dance. Irregular attendance defeats this objective. There are no make-up classes. Having said that, missing a single class (in a five-week course) is not the end of the world, and you will probably still be able to keep up with the rest of the class.

I have already taken a course, but have missed some classes.
Should I repeat the course?

Your progress is largely dependent on the amount of participation and practice you invest in developing your new skills. The courses are never exactly the same from session to session anyway. The foundation material is still presented consistently for that level but with lots of variations of patterns in the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer sessions of each course. Each course should be considered as a new skill level, rather than just a succession of courses to be taken one after another. When you have completely mastered the material presented in the course, then it is time to move on to the next higher skill level.

Can I bring visitors along to observe my class?

This is a distraction affecting the general learning process — please do not bring visitors to class while class is in progress. Visitors are welcome at the practice sessions after the class is finished.

Where can I practice what I have learned?

To reinforce what you have learned and to augment the classes, additional practice sessions are offered. These will generally be held on Friday evenings from 9:15 pm - Midnight. A DJ is available at that time to play music for a variety of different dances for all levels of experience. This is a good time to bring other friends and invite visitors along.

How do I register?

You can register in person at the first or second class. Or, save time and register online in advance.

What music can I practice to?



  • Smooth Operator (Sade)
  • Sacrifice (Elton John)
  • Stand by Me (Ben .E. King)
  • You'll Never Find (Michael Buble)
  • Beautiful Maria of my Soul (Los Lobos)
  • Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion)
  • Burbujas de Amor (Juan Luis Guerra)


  • Que Buena Baila Usted (Oscar de Leon)
  • Al Son de Boogaloo (Luis Alberto Florez)
  • Michaela (La Sonora Caruseles)
  • Acabo de Llegar (Alex Leon)
  • Cali Pachanguero (Grupo Niche)
  • Aicha (Africando)


  • Rosalia (Juan Luis Guerra)
  • A Pedir su Mano (Juan Luis Guerra)
  • La Bilirubina (Juan Luis Guerra)
  • Serpienta Mala (100 Merengues Latinos)
  • Suavamente (Elvis Crespo)
  • Good Album: 100 Merengues Latinos


  • Hound Dog (Elvis Presley)
  • Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)
  • Breakin Up the House (Collin James)
  • Good Thing (Fine Young Cannibals)
  • Whistle Stop (Louis Prima)
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Andrew Sisters)


  • Bachata en Fukuoka (Juan Luis Guerra)
  • Obsesion (Aventura)
  • Rechazame (Prince Royce)
  • Promise (Romeo Santos)


  • Fly me to the moon (Frank Sinatra)
  • Nice 'n Easy (Michael Buble)
  • More (Nat King Cole)
  • September in the Rain (Dinah Washington)


  • Come away with me (Norah Jones)
  • Fascination (Nat King Cole)
  • Rissamento (Gianni Pavesi)
  • Could I have this Dance (Anne Murray)


  • El Tango De Roxanne (Casa Musica)
  • La Prueba Facil (Carlos Ortega)
  • Por una Cabeza (Tango Projext)
  • Libertango (Yo Yo Ma)

Cha Cha

  • Volver A Verte (Oscar D'Leon)
  • I Need to Know (Marc Anthony)
  • Corazon Espinado (Carlos Santana)
  • Lets get Loud (Jennifer Lopez)